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How exactly do you guys work?

Simple! We offer easy online shopping, fast delivery, and an awesome pair of glasses, complete with high-quality plano or prescription lenses.

But we go one step further: For every pair you buy, we provide the needed funding for prescription eyeglasses for people with common visual impairment and for vision programs to support people with low-vision and blindness from underprivileged countries. This way, Patoola customers will have access to amazing eyewear and simultaneously have a great opportunity to improve the lives of the needy with the bliss of vision so that they can pursue education & employment opportunities with confidence.

See, who’d have thought it would be so easy to make a difference?

Okay, sounds good. But how do I know if the eyewear suits me? It’s all online!

All you need to do is:

- Go to our Products Page

- Select the ‘Virtual Try-On’ option

- Sign up (or sign in, if you’re already a member), then

- Click ‘snap’ to take a photo of yourself

… Your pic allows you to virtually try any glasses on (but we mean that literally!).

Love a few pairs, but can’t decide which one to get? Save your faves in your Wish List. You can also send your new look directly to friends on Facebook and/or Instagram, and ask them to vote for their favorite looks.

Trust us: true friends are honest!

So, how does the whole prescription thing work, then?

Easy: To have a pair of prescription glasses made, all you need is a valid, non-expired prescription.

Prescriptions today often come in digital form. As long as your prescription is written up on company letterhead that clearly shows your ophthalmologist or optometrist’s name, it’s considered good to go.

What is PD? Where will I find my PD?

The “Pupillary Distance” (or “PD” for those in the know) measurement allows us to determine the proper lens shape and alignment for your unique line of vision.

Why is it important? Because lenses need to be aligned over the center of your pupil for proper clarity and vision. Without an accurate PD measurement, your vision will be affected.

Super important: Be sure to request a PD measurement in your prescription! If you had a previous prescription already provided for you, your optician should already have a record of your PD. Just request for it. Your PD measurement does not change so you can request it one time and that’s it.


During the ordering process, you’ll be asked to provide your prescription by:

- Entering your prescription details yourself, or

- For mobile users: Go to using a desktop computer.

- For desktop users: If you do not have your PD and cannot get it in your prescription, we provided you an easy way to measure your PD via our desktop version. Just go to any product you like and when you enter your prescription it will give the option to measure your own PD.



Why do I have to create a Patoola account?

Having a Patoola account provides you these benefits:

- Allows you to save the information in your shopping cart back should you want to get back to it later.

- Allows you to manage your favorites in your Wishlist.

- Access to your current order details and history.

- Stores your eye prescription history to access at anytime.

- Stores copies of your past and current invoice that you can print at anytime for filing for HSA/FSA purposes.

- Friendly reminder when your eye prescription is close to its expiration date.


Where do you ship to?

Anywhere in the Continental United States. We also ship international.

How much does shipping cost?

In the Continental United States, shipping is free - both ways, anywhere. For international shipping, please add $30 for Express Shipping anywhere in the world.

How long after I order will my glasses arrive?

Typically, in the Continental United States, you’ll receive your glasses within 5-7 business days of our receiving your order depending on the complexity of your eye prescription. Most of the time, it will be less than 7 business days.

For international orders, please expect 7-10 business days from the time we receive your order depending on the complexity of your eye prescription.

By the same token, we sometimes (but rarely) like to touch base with you if we have any questions about your prescription. If so, we tend to assume a 1-2 business-day buffer for verification and processing before dispatching your order to the lab.


So, I got my glasses and OMG… I’m not happy with them. What do I do?

Our main goal is for you to be 100% happy with your Patoola eyewear. If - for any reason whatsoever - you’re not, then you can return them to us within 30 days upon date of receipt. We’ll reimburse you in full. Shipping it back is free for U.S. orders. For international orders, we apologize but we cannot provide refund for shipping fee. But you may not have to return it so please contact us as we may be able to resolve your issues (see “How do I return an item” section below).

How do I return an item?

Contact Us or give us a call at 866-226-3798.

However you choose to contact us, be sure to either:

- have your order number ready and/or

- include it in your email or contact form.

Your order number will look something like this: xyz123

We’ll immediately send you a shipping label via your email address we have on file to print out.

- Throw your glasses and accessories into the original box they came in;

- Remove the old label;

- Stick the new label on…

How long does a refund take?

Once we’ve received your return packaged and checked everything out, we’ll credit you according to your original payment method within 3-5 business days.

On the very few occasion we've had glasses returned to us, it has most often been for one of the reasons below. So check them out - you might not have to send them back!

My frames don’t feel right: What do I do?

No worries. Seriously. Head out to your local optician and ask them to readjust the fit. This usually takes care of it! What’s more, it’s usually done for free (we like that).

But, if they do charge you, we’ll pick up the tab up to $10.00… ‘cause that’s just how we roll.

Send us a scan or photo of your re-fitting receipt, include your Patoola order number, and we’ll credit you based on your original payment method.

For good measure, we’ll send you a confirmation email when it’s done, too.

You made the prescription I asked for, but it somehow feels off:

We’ve worked hard on providing the very best-quality lenses with zero non-adapt issues for both single vision and progressive users. This is why we encourage you to use the frames immediately within the first 30 days upon receipt to ensure your new eyeglasses are right on the spot on fit and adaptability.

If within 30 days of receipt, you still feel that things aren’t just right, don’t tough it out. Call us at 866-226-3798 or Contact us. Our customer service team is here to make sure your issues get resolved!


We provide a full 12 month warranty against any defects related to the manufacture of both your Patoola frames and lenses. Frame warranty coverage includes a one-time replacement. Our polycarbonate lenses are scratch resistant. However, it does not make it scratch proof. Proper care is needed when storing your eyeglasses and cleaning your lenses since lens scratched due to misuse, neglect are not covered. Lens warranty coverage includes a one-time replacement.


I have a private health insurance. Any discounts and are money-back options available?

We don’t currently work directly with private health insurances.

We can, however, provide you with an itemized receipt or any other formal documentation that will help you get reimbursed, if that’s what your insurance company offers.

How can I get an itemized receipt?

Contact Us, or give us a call at 866-226-3798.

We’ll be happy to provide you with an itemized receipt or any other useful information.

Are HSA/FSA accepted forms of payment?

Yes. For U.S. orders, we accept both Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA) payments for any prescription eyewear as long as the accounts are affiliated with a valid credit card.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express via Paypal.


Okay, I’m sold. Where and how do I pay?

We accept payments via Paypal.

We also accept payments using American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Discover via Paypal.

We do not accept C.O.D., checks, or money orders.

I’m always nervous about the whole online payment thing… Is your site secure?

We totally get it: In today’s virtual world, we want to protect our sensitive data just as much as you do yours. That’s why we use SSL Certificates, state-of-the-art cryptography, and secure connections to prevent any misuse of your personal information.


What exactly does Patoola mean?

What’s in a name, you ask? Patoola is a combination of “pat” (from the Latin word pater - meaning ‘father’ - and symbolizing the ‘provider’) and the French “ooh la la” - that “wow!” reaction people have when they slip on a pair of high-definition and aspheric design Patoola eyeglasses for the first time.

“Patoola” sums up our philosophy: For us, it’s not just about the highest quality or funky designs... It’s about living by our tagline, “Spread the Vision”.

Our goal is simple: At Patoola, we want to increase awareness about – and be part of eradicating – visual impairment all over the world by providing the visually-impaired, low-vision, and the blind in under privileged countries with eyeglasses, necessary medical care, and/or programs to help them lead better lives and to offer our Patoola customers an "ooh-la-la" moment, wherever they are in the world.


What’s with the goggles?

The goggles included on every pair of eyeglasses purchased are a symbol, a reminder about the Patoola mission to help improve the lives of the visually impaired, persons with low vision, and the blind.

We see these goggles as tangible “day in the life” reminder of what life is like every single day, 24/7 for the visually impaired, low-vision, or the blind. For people with common visual impairment disorders, their peripheral visions are restrictive and uncomfortable. For people with low-vision, in addition to being restrictive visions, they can only see through very tiny and random openings through their special low-vision lenses. For the blind, they are permanently dark. Your pair of Patoola goggles is your ticket to the Patoola community, and helping us to spread the vision (quite literally).

What can I use the goggles for?

To learn more about google and the change to win up to 5 sunglasses or eyeglasses of your choice click here


Can you talk about your partner organizations?

We work with our partner organizations, who already work with medical eye doctors, ophthalmologists, and groups who volunteer their time, skills, and expertise in helping to improve the lives of others, performing surgeries, carrying out tests, and treating certain curable eye diseases.

Giving the gift of sight goes so much further than simply being able to see: it translates directly into improved quality of life for the visually-impaired, persons with low vision, and the blind and opens up a wealth of possibilities.

With sight, children and adults can go to school, perfect their skills, build businesses, and be an active part of their local communities.

Most of all, they can see a brighter future.

Quite literally.


I love your company philosophy and mission. Any way I can volunteer?

First: Consider us flattered! Second: Absolutely!

We need all the help we can get from good citizens like you. Contact Us: We’ll hook you up with one of our partner organizations so you too can join us. Together, let’s spread the vision.

Still got questions?

Contact Us.

We’d love to hear from you.

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