Helping See The Light.


Select a pair of Patoola Eyewear that’s right for you

For every single pair of glasses purchased, we’ll provide the needed funding to support people with visual impairment, low-vision, and the blindness from underprivileged countries.

What’s not to love? Not only do you enjoy your own pair of high-quality and good-looking eyeglasses, you make a difference in the life of a visually-impaired, low-vision, or blind person.

Look at it this way: You’re treating yourself to awesome eyewear. But you’re giving a greater, lasting gift.

Thanks to your purchase, you’ll be offering someone the gift of sight and greater perspectives for the future, enabling them to pursue education and employment opportunities.

Above all, you’ll be part of restoring their dignity, prospects, and hope.


Spread the Vision

You’ll be given a free pair of goggles. Yes: Goggles. Because at Patoola, that’s how we roll…

By wearing the goggles and taking - and sharing - fun goggle selfies, you’re supporting the ‘Spread the Vision’ #SPREADTHEVISION 5-4-5 campaign.

So… slap on those goggles, grab a friend, take a selfie, and post your photo to or with the #SPREADTHEVISION hashtag to help spread the vision.

Feeling shy about the whole ‘selfie’ thing, but want to take part? No problem: Find a creative way to feature your goggles in a photo, and post it!

Once your photo receives a minimum of 5 “Likes” (yes, you know at least a handful of people - can it get any easier?), we will donate an additional $5.00 to our non-profit partners.

Every dollar contributed goes towards funding our partner non-profit organizations’ work in programs to support the visually impaired, the low-vision, and the blind.

And get this: Every month, you and your goggle-selfie ("googlefie", anyone?) stand the chance to win a new pair of prescription glasses up to 5 new pairs of plano or prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses, absolutely free. Your winnings are transferable too (for prescription glasses, as long as they have a prescription from their ophthalmologist). How, you ask? Simple: Post your "gogglefie", earn the greatest number of likes for that month, and… that's it. You win.

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