The Patoola Quality Guarantee

Price Of Quality
“We believe in providing the highest quality eyewear while making a difference at the same time. As far as we’re concerned, it does not need to be one or the other.”
Deene C.

We pride ourselves on providing
the highest quality frames and lenses

With attention paid to 3 important quality details at every step of the way.

To finish everything off, our highly-trained team will carefully construct your eyeglasses, matching your high quality prescription lenses to your chosen frame. Our team are experts in paying close attention to detail and will ensure that your glasses are assembled perfectly. Nothing makes us happier than a happy customer.

The patoola difference

What’s not to love about lenses that are:

  • created with an aspheric lens design ( “aspheric” just basically means 20% it’s super flattering and better-looking than traditional spherical lens designs); and that are

  • high-impact-proof and scratch resistant. Tired of broken, crushed, squashed, or bent glasses? Trust us, we feel your pain. So that’s why we have you covered with a one-year warranty.

  • offer 100% UV protection, protecting your eyes from the harsh rays of the sun, keeping ‘em healthy;

  • feature an anti-reflective (AR) coating. This means that the person you’re talking to can see your eyes…

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