The figures are eye-watering...

... For many, the solution is as simple as having a pair of prescription eyeglasses. For most, this is outside their grasp for financial reasons.

Ed Damilao, Director EyeCare WeCare Foundation

For us, it's about restoring hope

through the gift of better vision



A pair of prescription glasses can dramatically improve a visually-impaired person's quality of life: Better vision for employment prospects or enough to perfect their skills.



Patoola's vision goes beyond the glasses: It's about facilitating self-sufficiency, greater dignity, and improved quality of life.



It's about giving the visually impaired, persons with low vision, on better education, allows them to set their sights blind the ability to make difference in their own to finally being able to see well.

We have partnered with organizations who work with eye doctors who volunteer their time from basic eye check-ups to major eye surgeries to cure treatable eye conditions…and if left untreated can lead to blindness. Like you, we all work towards the same goal to retain vision to those in need.

Brighter horizons

See how simple it is to make a difference.

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