Width Medium ( 50mm or less)
Measurements 53-17-145
How do I figure out the size?
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Width Medium ( 50mm or less)
Measurements 53-17-145

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Width Medium ( 50mm or less)
Measurements 53-17-145
How do I figure out the size?
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Width Medium ( 50mm or less)
Measurements 53-17-145
How do I figure out the size?


Medium ( 50mm or less)

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Are you one of the persons who has been granted a flat or low profile nose by Mother Nature? In this case, you need these NILLA eyeglasses, as they feature a Japanese created silicone support for your nose. This feature makes these glasses fall perfectly on your nose, not touching your cheeks, and without creating any harm or inconvenience during wear.

Featuring a rectangle shaped frame, these NILLA eyeglasses offer a vintage look to anyone who wears them. Their combination of black frame with a white insert on the back of the frame makes these glasses a classic choice for you who wishes to have a timeless accessory.


Frames: Handmade cellulose acetate
Bridge: Traditional; High-comfort; Good for all nose-shapes
Lens type: Polycarbonate; Shatterproof; Scratch resistant
Lens design and color:
Anti-Reflective (AR)/Anti-Glare (AG) lens coating: Included

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